Barbados Apartments

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who owns the apartments?
The apartments are privately owned by Simon & Sarah Ellis who live near Cambridge in the UK.

Q: How long does it take to get to Barbados?
7.5 hours by direct flight from UK.

Q: How far is it from the airport how much does a taxi cost?

About 14 miles to Art Studios and 18 miles to Mullins Bay House & Tree Tops
Taxis are approx BDS$ 75 and BDS$ 90 respectively

Q: How hot is it in Barbados?
The temperature does not vary much over the year – staying in the 80’s.
The hottest month is August when the maximum temperature is around 88/89 degrees F
The coolest month is February when the maximum is around 83 degrees F

Average number of hours of sunshine is 8 hours a day in some months and 9 hours a day in others.

Q: What are the beaches like. Is the swimming safe?
The West Coast has many golden white beaches which are perfect for both sunbathing and swimming. All beaches on the island are completely open to the public – even those in front of World Class hotels such as Sandy Lane. You have as much right to be there as the multi millionaires.

Discovery Bay by Art Studios, Mullins Beach which is 300 metres from Mullins Bay House and Gibbes Beach which is half a mile South and wonderfully secluded are our favourites on the West Coast. Crane beach on the East coast is another. Some of the hotels mark off an area of the sea with a ring of buoys to ensure jet skis and water skiers cannot enter – but people using these are generally well disciplined about keeping well out to sea and away from swimmers and snorkellers. Swimming in the Bathsheba area on the East Coast is not advised.

Q: What is the time difference between Barbados and UK?
Barbados is 4 hours behind GMT at all times. When UK clocks go forward in March Barbados is 5 hours behind the UK. When UK clocks revert to GMT in the Autumn the difference returns to 4 hours.

Q: What is the exchange rate? What do you do about Barbados currency?
The Barbados Dollar (BDS$) is officially tied to the US Dollar at the rate of 1.98 BDS$ to each US$. There are about BDS $3 to the British pound at April 2009 exchange rates.

We take a few Barbados dollars for immediate use and a larger quantity of sterling cash for changing at the local bank as you tend to get a better rate on Barbados than changing money in the UK. We also top this up by using the Visa and Cirrus cash machine networks which are widespread on Barbados. Sterling travellers cheques would be the alternative for those who don’t like taking cash.

Some people take US dollar travellers cheques – but that means they will be paying for changing twice – once into US$ and then again into BDS$.

Q: How far is it to the nearest shops?

Art Studios is 5 minutes walk to a wide range of shops in Holetown. Another good shopping mall is a further 5 minutes walk south from Holetown.

Mullins Bay House is 8-10 minutes walk from the well stocked 24 hour Star Market at the Northern end of Mullins Beach. Speightstown with a good number of shops and fresh vegetable stalls is a mile and a quarter away. Buses run there every few minutes from the stop at the end of the road.

Q: What about snakes or other dangerous wildlife?
There are no snakes on Barbados and no other dangerous wildlife that we are aware of. It is also remarkably free of airborne pests apart of course from mosquitos.

Q: Do I need any inoculations before travelling to Barbados?
We have been advised that they are not necessary but you should consult your own doctor.


Telephone: 01223 832 012
Mobile: 07973 306 940

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